Circling the top of the mountainous castle on his flying mount, Lord Scar was confused, “There is no entrance for us to get in?”

“Not yet.. Your army is making their way through the keep, restoring it to it’s former glory.”

Flying overhead, he asked, “How can I have an army?” he looked down towards the base of the mountain and saw a lot of movement, like insects from so high up, “Is that them?”

“Yes.. They come from the farthest corners, answering Lord Scar’s call,” The beast immediately entered a nose dive, frightening Lord Scar, as they flew down to the bottom, seeing part of the castle covered in a black substance. Flying low, over the nightmare horde, the beast unleashed a powerful roar that echoed for leagues, hearing the horde’s unified scream in response, as they ascended back to the top, circling the mountain’s peak once more.

“Can we help them?” Lord Scar asked.

“You have done enough, it is their turn now.”

Running through his mind, the events of his life that led him here, he asked, after several moments of silent flight “Am.. Am I dead?”

Roaring, the beast was not angry, but entertained, as Lord Scar discerned the beasts laughter from it’s booming call, “You are.. ALIVE!” The beast roared, “You are the possessor of LIFE!, in a way few have ever and will ever know!.. You are not DEAD!, You are.. DEATH!, you are the FLAME!, that will start the FIRE!”

Lord Scar felt strange, contemplating the rush of answers this beast had to provide.

“I will bring you to your throne, this is my purpose, then you will become the hands of CREATION!” The beast laughed again, “The irony of your question is lost on you, but it will not be for long.”


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