Ximond, in his green robe, followed the mages in their blue ones, finally entering the mage district, after walking the cities eerily empty streets, following the main strip that led throughout the town. District after district, devoid of people, until they hit the district before the magic district, the training district and saw that there were still people in the hunter’s hall. Past the hall, they found several apprentices tending to the garden around the ruins and as they made their way to the ruins, an apprentice got their attention, “Master!, the gates to the cemetery will not open.. They are bound!”

Elder Grein paid no attention to the apprentice’s plight, “We are busy with important matters, apprentice..” trailing off as the Elder followed the path left by the orb wielder, finding it’s trajectory towards the gate, calling the apprentice forward he had just dismissed, “How long?” pointing towards the gate.

Manish and Jraedin looked at each other, wondering “Why the cemetery? What purpose would anybody have to seal off the cemetery?”

Pulling out the calling orb once more, Elder Grein held it towards the gate and saw a white energy radiating from behind the gate, a clear sign the orb was used there. Ximond felt strange, standing in front of the gate and knew there was only one force that could play with his feeling and emotions like this, “Blight magic..” he said, rattling the gates.

“Could you dispell it?” Elder Grein looked at the green robed warrior.

“No.. All I can say about this magic, is that the magic at the oasis.. This type of magic was casted before that.. Almost as if, whoever used the orb, came from here, then went to the Oasis.. They came into the city, then left..”

Elder Grein was left in wonder, saying “So, there is nothing we can do?” eyeing the warriors orb in the back satchel, he suggested, “You cannot dispel the Blight magic?”

Ximond held up his hand, “Sutrema!, Blight!” but all this did was turn the white light created by the calling orb, a dark, smokey green, fire.. They heard a great fire and saw green smoke, green flames, begin to pour out of the gate. “Whoever wielded the orb.. They were not the only to wield it and it seems that this cemetery is where the orb was handed off.. Traded.. Even taken, from it’s wielder.”

Elder Grein looked around, “How could this happen, outside the ruins and without witness?”

“The spirit world could of housed this event.. That would be my best guess.” Ximond suggested.

Elder Grein nodded, “When orb magic is at work, I guess we cannot rule out any possibility..”

Continuing the investigation, the two attempted to breach the sealed gate, to bear witness to the events that seemingly brought about the phantom Blight magic.


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