Standing beside the crumped wall, Ajlan, Braestan, Miari, Santran, Taida and Yaraen all inspected the path that the clansmen had taken to breach the wall into the residential district. Clothes lay all along the path, discarded and caught along the bushes; yet still, for the amount of bodies that were missing, the signs seemed to suggest a less forceful approach to moving the victims.. Even the trail of prints seemed far to calm for such a large group of hostages, as well as their takers. “This entire situation is just.. Hmm.. It seems to just be going flawlessly for the enemy, as if every factor for this outcome to occur has fallen into place, just so..” Miari announced, examining the wall.

Taida examined the forest, saying “Even the darkness, has taken on an entirely new feeling.. Like even our own shadows have a potential of destruction about them..” Carrying a small candle flame, it’s strain became ever increasingly powerful for the man, formerly of a single mind, now of his own.

Yaraen was the only of the group to retain his primary weapon, a great, two handed-axe that he had rarely parted with. Truly, the axe was a shining example of the man that wielded it.. More blunt than sharp, but used the two qualities in conjunction with each other in a beautiful way, “You’d think we would be slower, without our armour.. Less strained.. Free.. But this freedom and it’s cost.. It is taxing. Even this axe, one I’ve wielded in every battle I have ever fought, it feels apart of another man, not me..” He threw the heavy axe down, into the dirt below.

Santran pulled out his steel dagger, feeling the grip in his palm, “Daggers are the true weapon of the warrior, anyways..” he bent over and picked up the axe by it’s pommel, “This thing is for another.. But that dagger in your belt, Yaraen, it will always be for you, the warrior.. The strength, it has left us, but our wills remain.”

Ajlan added “Our wills remain, but have been restored, not of our own wills, but of another.. I would rather just find another Anthranhall to serve.”

Braestan looked at Ajlan, nodding, saying “He speaks the truth.. Our wills, they are nice to have, but look at what we do with them, now that we have them back..”

Miari agreed, “I do believe an Anthranhall would be a pleasant sight, I will not deny you this.. But.. That may be a sight that our eyes will not afford us.. Do not forget, these orbs house a power more than anything we have ever wielded.. We still hold the responsibility of power, as we always have..”

Looking at their orbs, they knew they could feel a stirring of power within them, as if their true purposes, as defenders, was not at an end, but rather, a beginning.

“What’s the plan, then?” Taida asked, lifting the torch to reveal their faces below the green cloaks they wore.

Yaraen pulled out his dagger, holding it like he was going to hammer a nail with it.

Miari walked down the forest path once more, grabbing the torch from Taida as he did, “We follow them.” Coming up upon the pile of horse and infantry armour, he said “After we hide all of this.”

The men began plunging their daggers into the earth around the trees, creating a trench to hide the armour in, making it easily collectible at a later time.


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