Banging on the gate, she quickly retreated into road’s ditch, sure she would be discovered by the giant, bipedal snappers that passed by her position, as she hid in the forest, waiting; the last one, a straggler, stopped at the gate and sniffed, then turned and walked into the other side of the forest, crouching down beside the wall. She watched it for some time just crouched down, waiting for something, until she saw a hunter, garbed in a white hunter’s robe, similar to hers, only adorned with gold trimmings, walked to the front door, with his hood up, beckoning, saying “And’raka, there you are..”

Giant, the beast stood up, towering beside the wall, growling. Extending it’s giant clawed hand, a great flame burst from it’s palm, acting as a torch, illuminating all it’s scales and casting shadows from the branches of the trees, saying “…At least one.. Escaped.”

Carmen watched on, in awe of the mysterious scene unfolding.

“We have accomplished what we needed to accomplish.. We have broken through the other side of the city.. Now, I need to get into this side… To the ruins.”

This beast the hunter referred to as And’raka, turned, closed it’s fist into a flaming hulk of muscle and turned to smash the wall, but halted it’s flying fist, about to smash into the wall, with a single word from the white robed hunter, “No.”

And’raka turned it’s head towards the man, as the hunter added, “Down the wall.. The ruins are deeper into the city.”

Coming out of the ditch, And’raka the snapper beast, began walking down the road, the ground shaking as it did; the hunter, or at least the man dressed in the hunter robe, began following the beast and as he did, Carmen noticed the man had an orb in his hand and it had an aura of Green Fire around it, which was not there before and as he walked down the road, she could see the Green Fire growing more intense in the distance.

Raising to her knees, she withdrew into the forest, step by step, unsure of her next move. Sitting there, for a moment, in the wind, among dead leaves and dying trees, she pulled out a bolt and strung it into her crossbow’s cradle and began to make her away through the forest, along side the road, towards the position of the man with the Green Fire orb.



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