Behind Ximond, a large blast blew away the wall that kept the wilderness out of Tyric. Elder Grein turned and saw a great beast emerge from the smoke, dust and rubble of the great blast, it’s body still not wide enough for the massive gap in the wall, as it smashed away at the feeble wall, parts of the brick coming down with every blow, until the beast disappeared behind the wall, only to burst through it again, knocking a large part of the wall down.

Ximond was quick to act, yelling “Spells! Now!”

Slinging their magic quickly, Elder Grein, Manish and Jraedin threw balls of fire at the beast, but even the combined eruptions upon the beasts skin did not slow it down and the group was amazed to see the beast conjure a fireball of it’s own, throwing it at the ground before their feet, it’s amazing force sending them flying in all directions.

Bravely, the apprentice still standing engaged the beast, but was surprised to see a hunter emerge from behind the beast, garbed in a white robe. Ximond watched as the hunter raised an orb and in a single instant, melted the apprentice down with a stream of Green Fire, the lick of it’s flames dissolving the apprentice almost instantly.

Unable to stand, Jraedin casted a spell upon the beasts skin again, as a crack of lightning erupted from his raised hand and unhindered, the beast rushed the downed man, crushing him beneath it’s giant clawed foot. Manish attempted to stand up, close by the beast, in an attempt to flee, but was impaled by the beasts swipe, as its long claws ripped through his body, cutting through his blue robe like shears, as blood stained fabric lay hanging off the beasts long claw.

Ximond and Elder Grein, among the fray, ran for the door of the ruins and dived in as Elder Grein felt the heat of a spell just miss him, as an arc of lightning blew off part of the concrete structure that comprised the ruin’s decorative archway above. Elder Grein was quick to his feet, watching the white robed orb wielder approaching the door and with a wave of the Elder’s hand, the door descended down with a slam, with a large dagger piercing through the stone block door as it did, intended for the mage.

Ximond looked at the Elder with a sense of fear, asking “What the hell just happened!?”

Elder Grein was recollecting his thoughts and as he did, approached the door and felt the dagger’s tip, feeling the intense heat coming off the dagger, indicating the incredible amount of energy required to perform such a feat of magic and physical prowess, “That man.. His power is incredible.. He wields the orb..” The Elder pulled out his calling orb from his back pocket and noted it’s red hue, emanating from the inside, indicating an activated orb was very close by.

Ximond looked upon the Elder’s face, illuminated by the red light, “Are we safe?”

Elder Grein hurried down the hallway, skittering past Ximond, unresponsive, descending the stairs into the ruins below. Ximond followed, as he heard the Elder shout “Gather in the orb’s cradle, everyone, now!! This is a matter of life and death!”

Ximond followed the Elder further down the hallway, coming to a room with a large pedestal in the middle. Setting the orb down, Ximond watched as the pedestal lit up red, the Elder gasping as it did, “What does it mean?” Ximond asked, the mage’s manipulation of the orb technology unknown to those of the Cult of Naator.

“It means that there are more orb activations going on.. Fuck!.. We should of never taken the calling orb to begin with, then we would of known there were other orbs being used.. The calling orb has the ability to damper the rest of the orb’s magic, to a certain extent.. When all the ruin’s orb cradles are active at once, the orb’s become useless.”

“Are they active, then?” Ximond said, hoping they would be.

“No.. All the glyphs upon the wall would glow red, if they were.. Instead.. None of them are.. This means all the calling orb’s are currently out of their cradles..”

Ximond stood silent for several seconds, before saying “These attacks then..”

Elder Grein looked back at him, nodding “Yes, it seems they are all being coordinated..”

Suddenly, a ray of red light from the orb shot at the wall, illuminating one of the glyphs, “Hmph.. It seems another has found it’s cradle.. Ideally, all the orbs should be out of the dampening cradles and into their sensing cradles.. Never, should any of these glyphs be illuminated and when they are, we know there is some sort of orb disturbance occurring..”

Elder Grein turned his attention to the first apprentice to waltz into the room, “What took you so long!, Keep an eye on the room.. ” Turning back to Ximond, the Elder beckoned, “We must go deeper into the ruins.. There are doors below, that can only opened by the glyph’s being activated.. It has been many years, since we have been through them.. Draw your dagger, Ximond.. Prepare for what stirs below.”

Ximond drew his dagger, as the Elder blew past him, back down the hallway towards the entrance, yelling “APPRENTICES!!! WE ARE ENGAGING IN A DESCENSION! TO THE CRADLE ROOM, NOW!!” Ximond watched a flurry of blue robes fly down the hallway towards him, clearly taking the Elder’s previously issued command lightly.




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