“I grow weary of the wait..” Lord Scar announced, still flying overhead, “So, this place.. It is.. Not dying, but coming from death, the very essence of it, back to life?”

Growing weary itself, the beast sighed and replied “Yes,” flying away, towards the bottom of the mountain, it’s grounds now empty, devoid of the army of Blights below, as the beast extended its claws, grasping the ground and arching it’s body, so the two could view the Blights progress from bottom to top, the mountain side slowly being covered in a black, translucent substance that was changing the mountain into the castle it was once and still is. “They act with haste.. But.. Their pace has slowed.. Something is amiss, here.”

“What do you think slows them?..” Lord Scar inquired.

“Not what.. But who.” The beast growled deeply.

“Somebody stands between us and the throne?” Lord Scar said.

Surprising Lord Scar, the beast’s maw exploded with a roar that shook the ground around them; several Blights flying through the mountain’s side to answer the call, below, their corporal forms standing in front of the beast, kneeling, as if they were paying homage to a god. “‘Draka’s.. These Blights are of the Draka caste.. They are powerful.. They are yours to command.. So command them.”

Lord Scar was confused, “To what?”

“You are their lord.. They only answer my call, to be commanded.”

Lord Scar commanded, “Why does the pace of..” finding his affirmation, he continued, “My Army.. Slow?”

Standing, one of the Blights replied “Master.. The enemy, they have not given up.. They have gotten desperate and through their desperation, they slow us.. That is all we know.”

Without missing a beat, Lord Scar commanded, “See to it that you find the source of this.. Desperation and once you do.. Return to.. Us.”

Howling, the Blights replied “Yes master!”, each shooting off into a different direction.

“Well done, Lord Scar..” The beast commended.

“Than..” Lord Scar caught himself, quickly and awkwardly replying “Yes.”

“What now, Lord?” The beast commanded.

“I have a strange feeling.. We should take flight and observe the lands that I shall rule,” Lord Scar commanded.

“Yes, master.” The beast growled, launching itself at the mountain and using its claws to run up the mountain, before using the gained momentum to explode into flight. Lord Scar felt the ethereal reins for the first time, between his ethereal appendages and yanked on them, as the beast swooped upwards, then side to side, corresponding with Lord Scar’s tugs on the reins. Powerfully, he felt in control and loved the feeling.




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