Following the trail of foot prints, the group of green cloaked men were crouched, surprised to see the trail of the villagers and clansmen begin to cut through the forest, all the way around the city, towards the oasis.
Calm, the night began to gave way to the sunrise, as the group crouched through the forest, following the massive trail that could not possibly go cold, hundreds of foot prints comprising it. Miari leading the group, he raised his hand, then pointed to their right, seeing a large claw print in the dirt, exactly like the kind that had left the once flat road
ahead decimated and untraversable by wooden cart. Ajlan, directly behind Miari, stopped to examine the print, while the others passed him.
Circling, Ajlan watched the prints lead his eyes roundabout.. Clearly, the clansmen were met by the beast, but strangely, there was no signs of combat or even struggle.
Ajlan picked up his pace, grabbing Yaraen’s shoulder, pointing forward to single him to get the group’s attention. Yaraen whistled to the group, beckoning them back, as they huddled up, the cover of night slowly ending. Standing on the very trail they followed, the group all looked at the dual set of giant claw prints, one coming to meet the group of clansmen they followed, the other set, alongside them, accompanying the group
to their destination, seemingly the oasis; Ajlan relayed his disturbing findings to the group “There isn’t any signs of combat.. No bodies, no blood.. The trail does not
even waiver from it’s consistent composition that we’ve followed so far, as if they were not even alarmed by the beasts presence..”
Miari looked at the faces of the group, realizing they were all wanting his analytical view of the situation, “Well.. Without the Anthranhall, we’re left to engage the clansmen with blade and what minor spells we can still muster.. But this changes things..”
Taida added, “Clearly, these beasts are subjects of the Blight, then. We won’t have the darkness to hide our movements.. We lack surprise, outnumbered and without any sort of idea of what is happening beyond the trail.”
Santran looked behind them, the road leading to the oasis just within sight, suggesting, “One of us could break off and scout?”
Miari agreed, but added “If we’re scouting, we should all go and get as many eyes on the situation as possible.”
Yaraen grunted, “Then we should go now.. Make the best of the rising sun.”
Silent until now, Braestan said “If we’re gonna scout, we should bury our arms and orbs, in case of capture.. At least make them work for our valuables.”
Agreeing, the group buried their valuables into a trench, similar to the armour, making it easy for them to find, but still hidden well enough, then departed as the sun began to rise.

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