Far down the road, Drae’tarn could see the giant twin boulders, his mount struggling on the gravel road. Slow, the cart was clearly a large load for the horse, pulling it’s steel frame, Gastien’s armoured body laying on top, lifeless and heavy.

Sun beating down, Drae’tarn approached the twin boulders, giant, looming upon each side of the road; his experience told him he should dismount and stray around the boulders and ambush any potential ambushers. Drawing his scythe, he dismounted and roped the horse up to a tree nearby on the side of the road. Crouching down into the long grass, he began to make his way to the pass.

Once he made his way around both the boulders, he was satisfied the road was safe for now and crouched back towards his horse and cart.

Coming back onto the road once more, he made his way towards the boulders, the horse struggling up the slight incline leading up to it. Pulling to the foot of the pass, Drae’tarn heard a voice and immediately drew his scythe and unlatched the wagon, ready to ride upon the ambushers; the man was no stranger to mounted combat and was ready to bring death swiftly, to a clearly cunning foe who had detected his attempt to find them on his first pass.

Riding all the way around like a whirlwind of death, the horse was fast and eager to be given a break from it’s payload. Finding nothing, he heard yet another voice, coming from the road back to the cart, sure to find the ambushers, he rode swiftly towards the cart, once again finding nothing, but hearing yet another voice nearby… Something was strange. Didn’t make sense… Dismounting, he stood between the 2 boulders, weapon drawn, eyes closed… Listening. Hearing the voice again, he turned towards the cart, horrified… Gastien’s body was not on the cart any longer; gone.

Riding up to the cart, he heard a large thud upon one of the boulders. Looking over at where the noise came from, the sunlight attacked his eyes, bouncing off of whatever landed on the boulder, half expecting to see a fang freight, probably fully grown, from the sound of it’s weight hitting the boulder. Squinting his eyes, he thought he saw a fireball coming towards him, obscured by the sun’s light, until he realized it was and jumped off the mount, as the ball impacted the horse and set it ablaze, instantly charring it into a lifeless stump from the intense heat, the blast sending Drae’tarn off of his feet and left him on the ground, gripping onto his hand scythe for dear life.



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