“So all of this will become what I will it to be?”

“Yes, but as well, you will bear the first two, from your very being.. They will become, in your image,” Replied the beast, soaring over the mountainous desert.

Soaring, the beast announced, “Shall we hold council over the ‘Draka Blights?”

Lord Scar replied “Yes.”

Approaching the ground now, the beasts claws touched down upon the peak of one of the highest mountains. Unleashing a forceful roar, the Blights came streaking towards them from different directions, throwing themselves onto the peak, within earshot of the dark beast and it’s alien rider.

“One of you is missing..” The beast announced to the Blights, who then frantically looked upon themselves, panicking that one of their own had betrayed the beast’s call. “What is the meaning of this? One of your caste disobeys my call..”

Lord Scar suggested “Could the Blight be under duress?”

Together, the Blights laughter hit Lord Scar like a hammer, as even the beast itself mumbled a laugh under it’s loud breath, before replying “Here, the Blights are more powerful than anywhere else… That is, until this place changes… That is why they are restoring your castle, because the only salvation they have, is to escape this world, to the one you came from, where they will find their strength renewed once more… The only portal rests at your castle’s peak.”

Embarrassed, Lord Scar yelled out “So why does a member of your caste defy MY orders! Go seek your comrade and bring.. It.. Back to me!”

Exploding into a fearful charge, the group of misguided spirits flew to where their comrade had originally gone, the beast saying, as they did, “We should follow them… This caste’s loyalty, of all things, could not be in question… It has to be something… Else.”

“I did not realize their loyalty was… So unconditional.” Lord Scar said, watching them becoming dots in the distance.

Wisely, the beast replied, “That is all that loyalty is… All that it can be… Unconditional… Without that, you will always have another potential enemy in your very midst…”

“Do we even have an enemy here?” Lord Scar asked.

“Resourceful and cunning, any enemy is not to be underestimated… But, they would be foolish, to come here now… Maybe later, but not now… This place is still the scar… Still retaining the dark energy that fuels the Blights.”

“Then we shall let the ‘Draka’s find their lost one and bring it back… We shall see what my trust in them births,” Lord Scar commanded.

“Yes Master,” the beast replied.

“Show me the ocean side, I want to see the beach heads as well.” Lord Scar commanded.

“Yes master, they are far and stretch wide,” The beast replied, taking off from the peak in the opposite direction of the Blight’s.



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