Ajlan was watching the beasts and Clansmen from the trees, looking at all of his counterparts circled around the site. Retreating back, the men met up close to their buried weapons.

Standing in silence, Ajlan spoke first, saying “We all know what were up against?”

Yaraen barred his teeth, “That battle would be our last!”

Miari agreed, “We could maybe take on 1 of those Snapper Blights, but there are 5 of them… On top of the group of armed Clansmen, no way..”

Santran noted, “Obviously fighting isn’t the best option, what else do we have?”

Taida referenced the sight they had just saw, “They have the villagers pushed to the edge of the oasis, the beasts corralling them like sheep and the clansmen ready to push them into the waters below, like some sort of Blight ritual.”

Braestan, separating from the group, dug up his orb, while burying back the others. Approaching the group, he lifted the orb up in his hand, in between the group and said “We can channel our energy into this lone orb… This orb, can be our Anthranhall!” he said, as he threw the orb up into the air, extending his fingers fully, concentrating and turning his palm upward, his energy stopping the orb from falling, suspended in mid-air.

Miari, marvelling at Braestan, said “O…Orb magic?”

Ajlan sneered at Braestan, “What the fuck are you doing?”

Yaraen sneered at Ajlan in Braestan’s defense, “No, what the fuck are WE doing?”

Taida and Santran looked at each other, both saying “Guys, let’s just talk about this…” Taida could feel their combined wills beginning to separate in intention, something that they could just not afford to allow at this point.

Santran eluded that he was thinking the same as Taida, stating “We need to stay together, we need to act as one, be one… Our wills cannot be compromised..”

Ajlan fired back, “Are we seriously going to entertain this!?…”

Miari commented, “An energy like this will be easily detectable… Even Braestan’s current usage could make our location known.”

Braestan whispered a word and once he did, the orb fell from it’s suspension, back into the palm of his hand, saying “Desperate times..”

Beginning with Ajlan, the group began arguing about their plan.





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