Approaching the site of the battlefield at the mouth of the canyon,  Carmen observed a lone Carrion Hound, feasting upon an arm, separated from the rest of the body, as it picked up the lone arm, it’s yellow eyes illuminated by the night. Training her crossbow upon the creature, she waited for it to charge her, but instead, the hound simply ran down into the mouth of the canyon, disappearing down the hill.

Walking down the road, she observed the hoof prints from her mount on her previous journey with Jud… Jud, her thoughts shifted to him, remembering his fall from her mount and his dash into the forest, chased by the mysterious snapper beasts. Continuing forward, she was making her way back to the Mason’s holed up in the quarry, uninterested in making her way back into Puzzle-Tyric.

Long, the walk was a change of pace she welcomed, the road she walked, leading her away, hopefully she thought, from the mysterious chaos that plagued the city she came to know fairly well… Well enough, to know that hunter’s did not associate with violent snapper beasts, or order them around, in the way the hunter she had witnessed did… Green Fire, she saw, erupt from the hunter’s orb curiously…

Orbs. Walking on the road, her mind drifted from the mysterious hunter, to the orbs. Crossbow at her side, she pulled at her dark robe, recollecting what her grandfather had told her of the orbs, stating simply, “Magic is not for us.” Pulling up her crossbow, she felt the hand made grip in her hand, while the other held the stock; this was her magic, although lacking the veil of mystery that obscured real magic, she felt confident she could learn, in the same way she had learned how to draw tension upon the cradle, how to craft, load and aim down the sights, as well as how to hit her target with precision… Taking her time, these things were not easy to learn, but today, she has mastered the art, although to what end, she questioned herself, as she walked away from the chaotic happenings, towards the isolated quarry, maybe in fear, maybe in duty of her word to the Mason’s.

Approaching the formerly blocked gate, she noted the wagon had been pulled aside, with many hoof prints in the space between… Figures, dark, inhabited the back of the quarry, dimly lit by the torches she had lit herself just hours before. Approaching the pint-sized men, she heard a familiar voice, “Huntress..” and immediately recognized Jud.



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