Lumped together, the only recognizable trait of the mountain of smoking flesh left, a hoof sticking out of the charred mess.

Rolling into the ditch, Drae’tarn expected another volatile spell to be flung by the mystery assailant, but waiting, none came. Wondering if he was being watched, he crouched up, approaching the middle of the road, behind the charred horse, it’s black skull still smoking in front of him. Observing the twin boulders on either side of the road ahead, he could see that whatever object obscured his sight by the sun’s reflection, was gone; wondering what object would reflect the light like that, he had only one thought on his mind and that thought was cemented by the fact that Gastien’s limp body was gone, inexplicably, from the cart. Observing the smoking heap, his mount now stood as a testament to the mystery attacker’s ability, that being, extremely powerful.

Approaching the twin boulders with hesitation, he climbed the boulder that the attacker landed with a thud on, observing the impact made; the boulder’s surface, where the attacker had landed, was indented, seeing two large footprints, unmistakably familiar to Drae’tarn. Jumping down onto the gravel below, he approached the steel cart, examining the bed of the cart, it’s steel face without any scratches indicative of the heavy, armoured corpse being dragged off; curiously, however, there were two deep foot prints, similar to the ones he found on the boulder, but their impacts not as deep.

Walking towards the corpse of his mount, he grabbed the charred satchel his orb was in, now melted to surround the round object; pulling the object out of what was left of the satchel, he examined the pristine orb, unaffected by the power spell.

Suddenly, behind him, a heavy impact sounded off, shooting gravel in all directions from the road, a tall shadow looming behind him. Drae’tarn did not turn around, staring into the orb, his fate, he felt, being inescapable.


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