“I want it all to be perfect, for them.. For me,” Lord Scar said to his great mount, perched upon the sand bar, watching the tide roll in, the beasts great claws that supported it’s weight, disappearing with each rolling of the tide.

“Perfection is but a lie, I am afraid, sire,” the beast taught Lord Scar, “Lies, however, are powerful.. Intentions hidden are often without fear, but fear teaches us to stray into the darkness, away from the light…”

“Will you still be here, when all the Blights.. Escape?”

“Hmph.. Am I even here now, Lord?” The beast added, “I am without flaw, here… Away from the light.”

“Perfect?” Lord Scar asked.

“Hmmm.. Yes. Lord, it has been long; I have been expecting the return of any of the ‘Draka Blight’s you sent, but nothing.” The beast’s concern was evident in it’s changed tone.

“Summon them, then.” Lord Scar commanded.

Exploding, the beasts voice boomed, echoing across the skies, unintelligible to Lord Scar.

Moments passed, the call unanswered, the two sitting in silence, before Lord Scar broke it, saying “I am unimpressed..”

“Lord, they are the most powerful of the Blight’s… Faith, in these subjects, you must have, or surely the rest of the Blights will feel your lack of trust.”

“I am displeased with them,” Lord Scar reaffirmed his perspective, adding, “Faith.. You expect me to have faith, when now, we will go after them, in seek of answers they did not bring themselves.. You ask much of me.” Lord Scar commanded, feeling like the reigning lord of this world for the first time.

“Lord, something is wrong. We must go now.”

“Fine then. Go!” Lord Scar flicked the reigns, the beast’s wings forcefully pushing the waves and sand into an unnatural chaos.



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