Braestan, Ajlan, Yaraen, Miari, Santran and Taida all stood in a circle around the orb, hands extended, fingers wide, their palms facing the levitating orb. Braestan said to them, “When I was taught this command, I had no intention of ever employing it,” breathing, he could feel the sweat dripping from his forehead and looked at his brothers, all fatigued, the afternoon sun beating down upon them, standing on top of a ruined house in the back row of the residential district, the breach in the wall close by, “Really, it should be a simple task,” Braestan said, concluding his directions.

Ajlan’s hand was shaking, partly from the fear of the coming confrontation and partly from the strain of his faded power being used, “If orb magic was simple, it wouldn’t be feared, more over by us, the sworn protectors of their power,” breathing deeply, he watched their green cloaks blowing in the wind, “You’re sure those beasts haven’t already sensed us?”

Miari’s felt the potential of the orb stirring beneath their command, “Once we redirect our power from suppression, the sands will begin to fall.. We’ve all used this power of suppression for our entire lives, its not a new concept, but.. Once we begin, there is no telling what will happen.”

Ajlan countered, “What will happen.. Is we will become breakers of our sworn oath’s to the Cult.. Naator may very well abandon us entirely,” Feeling his words inspiring doubt, he continued, “However.. Even deeper than the oath to Naator, is our brotherhood.. None, I would rather break my blood oath with, than all of you.. I dislike the idea, but.. The Anthranhall did predict this would come to pass.”

Santran smiled, “Yes.. Yes he did.. Maybe Naator would be with us, oath or not… Remember, the Anthranhall himself ordered us to render his very flesh and spirit to the power of the orbs.”

Taida’s felt his hand, as well as his brother’s hands, stirring.. He felt as if he was the very mortar, between each brick that compromised their brotherhood, “Our Anthranhall knew our destiny.. I felt it.. He knew it would come to this.. Knew that he would have to be sent to the Scar, long before he ever ordered us to send him.. Even without the order, if he simply asked, I know we all would of sent him regardless.”

Braestan smiled, shaking, “Where would we be without him.. Where would he be without us.. Destiny calls forevermore, brothers!” Focusing his energy, Braestan’s suppression began to fade away into the recesses of his mind, never again to be employed.

Together, the brother’s suppression began to fade into obscurity, Yaraen praying, “Naator protect us!”

Swirling around them, the orb began to release it’s untapped power, alien to the brother’s, yet associated with a life time of familiarity. Taida announced “It’s time!.. Let go of your restraint, now!”



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