Orb in hand, the smell of burnt flesh was overwhelming, watching the shadow behind him, like a sentinel, unmoving, but powerfully present, all the same. Turning around, Drae’tarn saw a sight that he never thought to be saw by his eyes again, that being Gastien’s body, alive. “Duty.” he said.

Nodding, the formerly dead body, encased in the great shining armour that his own fragile one could no longer support even a piece of, stood in front of him now, domineering, silent.

“You’ve come for this,” Drae’tarn said, looking at the orb in his hand.

Nodding again, a voice rung from behind the visor, “… There were more than two…”

Memories flooded back to Drae’tarn’s mind, back to the mouth of the canyon, as he watched Gastien sacrifice himself to destroy the vessel that housed the two blights he had failed to defeat, helpless to intervene, his will dominated by the Anthranhall. Coming back to the present, he said “How many?”

Gastien’s stationary body flinched, widening it’s stance, as if experiencing tremendous pain, “So many…” Gastien whispered.

“I’m sorry.” Drae’tarn said, knowing that Gastien had chose, of his own free will, to sacrifice himself, so that the Cult’s mission could continue.

Raising it’s gauntlet, fingers extended, Gastien said “Not yet, your not.. But soon.”

Clutching the orb, Drae’tarn said “I know.”

Circling, the air around Gastien’s fingers, extended, began to swirl into red energy, the epicenter, his palm. Drae’tarn closed his eyes, feeling the darkness around him, so much more than just the dark brought by his closed eye lids. Squinting, he grimaced, waiting for the blast to wave over his body. Feeling like minutes had passed, he opened his eyes and saw that Gastien’s hand was lowered. “… Meddlers.” he said, erupting from the gravel road, blasting his body into the air, before blasting his body over Drae’tarn’s head, clearly moving towards Puzzle-Tyric.

Drae’tarn turned, watching the body reflecting the sun’s light, into the distance, “Naator.. Protect them..” he said, walking off past the boulders, towards the Cultist’s main base, Naator, named after their vigilant protector.




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