Walking across the plains, the party was not used to straying this far down the road to the quarry; the Unjaryk’s dominating mountain side now sloping down beside them, the prominent forest that surrounded it, began to come into conflict with the plains they walked. Carmen looked at Jud’s hand; seeing it balled up, she said “Let your wound breathe, Jud.. We need every hand now.. If it’s infected, you could potentially die from it.. I’d rather you lend us one good hand, then none at all.”

Jud spat at the ground near his feet, “Bah!.. A mason one with hand.. I’d rather be dead.”

Drud laughed, “Jud, your robe isn’t even intact.. Your spirit will not rest.”

Pitron suggested, “Luckily, a Mason isn’t all that you’ve ever be..”

Jud cut Pitron off, balling his hand once more into a fist “Shut it.. As if this half robed, half handed Mason isn’t shameful enough.”

Sad said in a serious tone, “Finally, the Unjaryk can rest, knowing Jud, terror of the quarry, is no longer active.” The group all roared in laughter.

Jud spat on the ground again, hitting his boot, saying “Fuck,” before kicking up some dirt with his spit-on boot.

Nud scanned across the horizon, the terrain in front of them beginning to become less flat and more infested with hills and tree, obscuring any potential threats that lay in front of them, the hot sun beating down upon their black robes, making them sweat profusely with no destination in sight; “We should find some shade for a couple minutes.. Get our bearings.. No use rushing.”

Carmen agreed, saying “We need to prepare for night, as well.” She looked at Jud’s hand again, saying “If we end up making a fire, we should consider the fate of that hand of yours, Jud.. If we can burn that wound closed, we should do it.”

Pitron tried again, saying “Masonry isn’t your only..”

Jud, again, cut Pitron off, saying “Until this hand separates from my body, we shall not shame my ancestors with talk of anything but my craft.. Their craft.”

Carmen’s interest was piqued, but also knew this was a trying time for Jud and chose not to push her friend’s boundaries. “Think we’re outside the range of the Clansmen, if we head for the treeline?”

Nud suggested, “For a break, yes.. However, if we’re going to establish a camp, fire would not be a wise decision, this close to the Unjaryk.”

Heading for the treeline, the group suddenly heard a loud crack, the ground beneath their feet subjected to a single, powerful shock wave. Jud point to the Unjaryk, yelling “Look!”

Turning to the side of the Unjaryk, the group saw a giant cloud of dust obscuring much of the Unjaryk, before another giant shock wave was unleashed from it, this one even more powerful, sending the entire party to their knees. Carmen yelled “What the fuck is going on?!”

Away from the Unjaryk, another shock wave went off, this one ripping through the air, rather than the ground, Carmen’s attempt to stand up instead resulting in her being thrown onto her back by the immense force, as she watched several small bodies thrown away from the blast in slow motion, watching Drud, Sad, Nud, Pitron and Jud soar through the air like majestic birds. Carmen looked back, watching the smaller men land 10-15 feet away. Rising to her feet, she ran over and helped Jud up first, “Are you OK!?” She asked.

Jud, holding her hand as she pulled him up, saw a bewildered fear in the Huntress’s eye, one that was reflected in Jud.. Fear of the unknown, felt by the entire party, as the two helped their comrades up, before they all decided to huddle up on their knees, in case any more blasts went off.

Carmen, breaking the silence, as they all sat on their knees, looking at each other, said “What the fuck is going on?…”

Jud immediately suggested “Sometimes, when us Mason’s need to work fast, we will use explosives, to blow off a chunk of rock from the Unjaryk.. But.. That powerful of a blast.. Multiple times..”

Sad nodded, “Magic. Orb magic.”

Drud said behind barred teeth, “These fuckin’ mages.. Cultists.. Beasts.. They have no idea, the power they play with..”

Pitron added, “Nobody does.. Ancient artifacts at play.. Here we are, worried about Clansmen.”

Nud scanned the area behind them, watching the dust cloud descend from the Unjaryk, “That blast is going to send any wildlife, any Clansmen, in the opposite direction of the Unjaryk.. Towards us.. Let’s get the fuck out of here.. Now.”

Carmen loaded her crossbow, having few bolts, since her mount ran off with her quiver, “We’re gonna need to find a town, nearby, where I can craft some more of these.”

Nud turned around, pointing towards the rough terrain head, “Over there, about..”

Before Nud could finish, another shock wave went off, coming from the Unjaryk, Jud pointing, “Look!” The group did, as a gigantic piece of the Unjaryk blasted off from it’s peak, before another shock wave ripped through it, fracturing the entire mountain, the ground beneath their feet now betraying it’s sentient nature, coming alive with movement, as the giant pieces of the Unjaryk crashed into the ground below, kicking up wild dust clouds that soon obscured the entire base of the mountain, the wind blowing it right towards them.

Running in the opposite direction, the group did not stick around to find out what horrors the dust cloud would birth, those horrors being subjected to the same fear the party was; the unknown. All life around the Unjaryk felt the fear, scattering like insects at the sundering of the Unjaryk.




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