Walking up the stairs, towards the apprentices, Ximond had an effective plan in mind. Elder Grein followed behind him.

From above, violent blasts shook the ground, sending dust from the well crafted ruins onto their heads below, the group, now all sharing the same room, crouched down, looking up, hoping the ceiling would not come crashing down, all but the Elder, who stated “These ruins are masterfully crafted.. They will not give way, do not fear.”

Ximond walked towards the stairway and heard.. Nothing. All the apprentices were scared, even himself, his heart beating ferociously.. But the creatures below, seemed to stay calm, even as a second and third blast from above, came and went. Ximond turned to the Elder, “What is going on up there?”

Elder Grein seemed relatively calm, replying “Either the Mason’s stockpile of explosives went off.. Or the orbs, but the calling orb will indicate such a powerful usage.” The Elder walked towards the next set of stairs, stepping over pale white corpses. Following closely behind, the apprentices and Ximond were more scared than curious, feeling sandwiched between two unknown threats.

Elder Grein hurried in front of the group, being the first to enter the calling orb’s cradle room. Upon entering, Ximond saw the Elder examining a bright blue barrier, surrounding the orb, with every rune on the wall, lit up magically, the entire room filled with a red hue that washed over all their blue robes and Ximond’s green robe.

“What the hell is this?” Elder Grein observed, attempting to penetrate the barrier with a volatile energy blast, to no avail. “It’s.. Inexplicable.. For this to be here, means.. We are not alone.”

All the apprentices entered their spell slinging stances and Ximond drew his dagger, saying “Did the orb wielder make it through the door?”

Elder Grein conceded, “.. I see no other explanation..”

Ximond continued, “What reason would the orb wielder have, to.. Lock.. The calling orbs into place?”

Elder Grein responded, “With all the calling orbs in place, the orb wielder has no power.. This makes no sense!”

Silence fell upon the room, as the barrier’s blue hue harassed them with unknown intent. Ximond suggested, “Should we take this time to exit the ruins?”

Elder Grein looked back at him, saying “When the orb wielder threw his dagger through the stone door, he did it in a way that will block the door from receding back into it’s crevice, so it can fully open… Effectively sealing us inside the ruins.”

Ximond was stunned, “So how did he get in here, to cast…”

Elder Grein yelled back “I DONT KNOW!”

Silence, fell upon the room once again. Ximond broke it, saying “I’ll need a hand with the food.”





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