Flying through the dead lands of the Scar, the beast and Lord Scar searched for the missing Blights. Passing mountainous regions, swamps, oceans and terrain obscured by endless fog, the search seemed hopeless. “…It feels like we’re on the other side of the world, from the castle,” Lord Scar said, pulling at the ghostly reins with his ethereal hands, the tendrils that were once the product of his lack of focus, now completely gone.

“We are.. There are strange things here,” The Beast said, adding, “One who calls and one who hides..”

Lord Scar felt his being become temporarily frazzled and unfocused.. Frustration, long now, since he had felt it. Feeling his ethereal chest rise and fall, he asked “What are you speaking of?”

The Beast simply replied “There.”

Looking down, the terrain below was heavily obscured by fog, except for one area, a golden circle below. From so high above, the figures seemed like small dots that inhabited the large, golden circle. Lord Scar’s interest was piqued, “Go.” he commanded.

Tugging on the reins, the Beast responded, saying “Lord..”

Frustration mounting again, Lord Scar commanded, “Nevermind! GO!”

Screaming down like a falling meteor, the Beast landed on the outside of the circle with a loud impact. Before them, were the Blights, accompanied by two beings. One, wrapped in a long green cape, with magnificent shining armor; Lord Scar recognized the man.. From the road, when he had originally escorted the mage who he was charged with killing.

“I recognize one of these beings, but not the other,” The Beast said. Starring at the being opposite of the armored man, Lord Scar found the creature a displeasing sight; white pale skin, blending in almost perfectly with the thick fog that surrounded the golden circle. Turning towards Lord Scar, he saw the creatures eyes, constantly changing shades, without a singular color of pigment to be associated with. Humanoid, the creature seemed more of it’s own nature, than any human, devoid of any legs, floating, with four long arms, all white, each hand having eight digits, each digit, home to a long black claw at it’s end. In one of the hands of the creature, Lord Scar saw an artifact, so familiar to him, that it sparked a feeling of rage inside.. Green Fire. It was the orb.

Lord Scar said to the beast, “The armored man, is from my world.. Associated with the Cult of Naator. Blight hunters. Orb protectors.”

The Beast said, “The white skin, is.. Hmph.. More like me, than anything.. Singular, in nature, without a need for name.”

Lord Scar added, “The orb..” He felt his ethereal jaw clench. Teeth, that once were there, were now not.. Because of that orb. “It is the reason, I am here, now..”

The white skinned monster addressed them, “This man, wanted to destroy these Blights.. Your Blights.. Sealed them, within the circle,” it said, pointing down at the golden circle below.

The Beast, with it’s giant claws, approached the circle, stepping onto it.

The Anthranhall spoke, once Lord Scar trespassed upon the hallowed ground, saying “You are not Blights.. Yet, you are here in the Scar.”

Lord Scar commanded, “Release my Blights. Now.”

The Anthranhall commanded, “First.. This creature, must release me.”

The White skin replied “Fine,” and wave it’s hand; in turn, the Anthranhall waved his hand and as he did, the circle’s golden aura dissipated into the air, which became heavy once more, the group soon finding themselves separated by the thick fog that formerly surrounded them.


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