Braestan, Ajlan, Yaraen, Miari, Santran and Taida.

Green cloaks blowing from the intense power, Taida announced to the rest of the group, “They’re here!” Looking down, seeing the snapper Blight’s below, he also saw a white robed man, a hunter, wielding an orb similar to their own, with Green Fire pulsing and smoking from the orb’s surface.

Braestan did not need to look down; he could feel the intense presence of the Blights beginning to affect his emotions.. He felt his wild anger begin to take hold, turning any sort of restraint he had left, into a teeth grinding anger. Looking across the faces of his comrades, he could see that the Blight’s presence was much more powerful than they had anticipated, beginning to even affect the way they were using the orb’s power.

Landing on the roof, the men were horrified to see a fully suited Cultist of Naator before them, wearing the same armor they had been forced to discard. “Gastien!…” Ajlan yelled, the sight bringing memories of their lost brother to the forefront.

Standing still, the men watched Gastien’s body raise it’s arm and unleash a deadly blast of lightning, but the force of the unleashed orb simply swept up the discarded energy into its vortex of power that surrounded the men. Then, they felt even more energy being thrown at them, as cracks of lightning, bolts of fire and balls of ice were thrown at them from below, in a spectacular show of magical prowess. Whipping around them, the deadly energy was still active, singeing the men’s green cloaks, their capes blowing in the wind, simply vaporized, leaving nothing behind.

Miari announced, feeling the effects of the Blight’s presence upon his anger, “We’re in over our heads!.. The second we sling this spell, the energy field around us will destroy our bodies!”

Beside Gastien, the white robed hunter, wielding the Green Fire orb, landed and held up the orb towards them, unleashing a stream of volatile Green Fire, but even it’s powerful, magical nature was swept up by the orb’s vortex aura, surrounding the men, until they were no longer able to see outside of the vortex’s grasp, it’s winds becoming a shell of energy.

Penetrating the shell around them, the white-robed man pierced the winds of the energy vortex, holding the Green Fire orb in front of him, approaching the center, where the orb, being manipulated by the brotherhood’s combined power, floated in perfect harmony, as if the orb was the eye of the storm around them.

Approaching the Cultist’s orb, the white-robed man, still having his hand extended that held the Green Fire orb, now extended his other hand, in an attempt to grab theirs and end the spell.

Yaraen yelled “Now! There is no more time!”

His hand reaching closer now, the white-robed man’s face adopted a grin, as he scanned the faces of the underestimated meddlers.

Braestan yelled a strange command and as he did, a loud sound, high pitched, rung out, even audible between the whipping winds of the energy vortex that surrounded them.. The floating orb had cracked and as it did, a long, eight fingered hand, unbelievably erupted from the orb itself, grasping the Green Fire orb and ripping it away from the white-robed man, who’s face now met Braestan’s, as he scolded the Cultist, “YOU FOOL!,” as the white arm, protruding from the floating orb, holding the Green Fire orb, now raised into the air, above the floating orb, centered around the men and exploded, the Cultist’s feeling the dust shards of their floating orb wash upon them. Braestan’s vision shifted from the white-robed man, to the Unjaryk mountain, which shed it’s peak, exploding violently.

Materializing in front of them, as the vortex’s wicked winds whipped around the Cultists and the white-robed man, was a humanoid, without legs, floating, with four deadly arms protruding from it’s elongated torso, it’s head the only part of the creature that was recognizably human-like. Green Fire orb still in the air, the creature’s eyes shifted into unpredictable shades and colors. Miari watched the creature’s lips move and as they did, the vortex was sucked into the Green Fire orb in an instant, leaving them all unharmed, but frozen in position, their hands all extended towards the floating creature, the white-robed man standing a foot away from it’s floating body, the entire event turning from incredibly loud, into a stark silence.

“FREEDOM!!!” the crazed, floating, white skinned creature yelled, breaking the dead silence, before it’s eyes squinted and it thrust the Green Fire orb down, past it’s floating torso, unleashing a shock wave of energy that destroyed the house below them, sending all parties surrounding the event, flying like leaves caught in a gust of wind, the blast causing the rest of the Unjaryk’s mountain side to crumble, shedding it’s rocky sides like some sort of dread serpent, as it’s dead, discarded skin, fell to the mountain’s base, crashing and shaking the ground violently.


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