Carmen trained her crossbow’s iron sights against the dust carrying winds, the sand storm from the fall out of the Unjaryk’s collapse, relentless. Three carrion hounds lay dead at her feet, coming within inches of her, before, thanks to her quick reaction time, she had downed them; vision was extremely poor and all sorts of shapes moved  across her field of vision, obscured.

Pitron walked up beside her from behind the hill, where the Mason’s had taken refuge originally, but his presence was a surprise to her and Pitron quickly found himself, face to cradle, with her crossbow, yelling “Don’t shoot!!” Behind the muffled rag he had tied around his mouth, barely keeping out the pervasive dust, invading the very air itself.

Feeling herself in danger, she quickly turned back, training her crossbow to whatever shape was incoming, feeling it’s bushy tail slap across her face, as she heard Pitron yell once, before being carried off into the obscurity of the sand storm, disappearing as quickly as he had showed up. Panicking now, she strafed her iron sights left and right, knowing she had no way to track the creature, knowing even if she tried, she would undoubtfully be attacked. Strafing still, she saw the shadow of a large beast approaching, shooting at it, before retreating back behind the hill to reload.

Sliding into their shared position, she yelled, “Something got Pitron, carried him off!.. Something big is coming this way, we need to run!” As she finished speaking, she had also finished reloading, her obscured vision unable to slow down the muscle memory ingrained into her skills with her weapon.

Jud, Drud, Sad and Nud led the way, with Carmen in the rear, ready to fire at anything.

Finally approaching the tree line, on the far side of the plains, the group found some reprieve from the whipping winds, which were obstructed by the large, thick trees and bushes. Beginning to calm down now, Nud yelled to the group, “This is not the place to slow our pace.. This is the fire.. We are not the only ones to enjoy the cover of the forest and letting our guards down now, will surely end in death.”

Picking up their pace once again, Sad inquired, “What about Pitron?”

Carmen yelled out, “Probably a Grosvenor,” adding, “I felt it’s tail across my face.. My life flashed before my eyes..”

Drud yelled out in disgust, “We should of went after him!”

Nud yelled back in response, “We won’t need to, it’s probably from this part of the forest, rather than behind us.. Grosvenor fear little and if it’s large enough for it’s tail to touch her face, that means it’s probably an adult and fears nothing!”

Further into the forest, they found that the storm of sand had subsided almost entirely, although their feet were not liberated from the grip of the sand, as it laid on the ground, even this far into the forest. Pausing now, the party was exhausted.

Jud, pulling back the sleeve of his robe that covered his wound, Carmen saw that the bleeding had stopped entirely, because the wound itself was covered in sand, saying “The second we get a chance, that hand of yours is coming off.” Jud’s eyes widened, as he gulped.

Nud observed, “Not here.. Not anywhere near here.. The smell of blood will draw half the forest’s inhabitants right to us.. Huntress, put away your weapon, as well.. If you kill anything, likewise, it will draw all manner of beast to our position.”

Drud inquired, “Even a Grosvenor?”

Nud replied, “More than likely, the Grosvenor is already near, stalking us.. If it did indeed taste… Pitron… It will certainly come back for seconds… The last thing a great hunter can resist, is an easy meal.”

Drud yelled at Nud, pushing him, “How dare you refer to one of your own, as a meal.. As a morsel.. A taste!!!” His face turning bright red.

Carmen stepped inbetween the two, saying, ‘That is all we are to fate, just a taste.. And for us now, it salivates.” She walked away from the group, forward, saying, “Let’s find a suitable spot to camp, I’m eager to stay up all night, watching your asses.”

Drud’s eyes narrowed, looking at Nud, shaking his head, before following behind the Huntress, as the rest of the party did the same.



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