From the heavy fog, a voice, “I have come, far, to halt the entrance of the Blights, into our world.. Through Blade or reason, that of the Scar, will stay of the Scar!”

From below Lord Scar, his mount, the beast, spoke “You say this… Cultist, is a warrior, bound against the Blights?”

Lord Scar answered, “Yes, the Blights were entering my world, attacking, invading and possessing all they could.”

The Beast simply responded, “This is the way of the Blights. If this.. Man, comes to the Scar, intending to destroy Blights, how is he any different from a Blight, in yours?”

Lord Scar replied “This man believes he is.. Responding, to the presence of the Blights,” Lord Scar then asked, “Tell me of the other one.. The orb wielder.”

Snickering, the beast replied, “Orb.. You keep saying Orb, as if it is some asinine object.. Lord, dare I say, you are less.. Attuned, to the way of things, than I had originally anticipated,” it paused, before continuing, “Is that all your kind believes these artifacts to be? Orbs?”

Lord Scar, feeling more like Kristopher, than his namesake, answered, “They are unknown to us.. Feared greatly; the orbs.. A Blight tricked me into using the orb to challenge it’s power, in a duel of magical prowess.. Now, that same orb, is possessed by another.. The very same orb, that brought me here, is now here, itself.”

The beast marvelled, “How did you fare, in your form? Were you able to hold your own, for a time?”

Lord Scar paused, “I don’t know any magic, so I was made a fool of.”

Lord Scar felt the beast’s eyes upon him, as it turned its head up towards him, “You accepted a challenge of magic, without knowing any..?” The beast turned away.

Lord Scar defended himself, saying “It is the way of my kind.. Pride, often becomes blinding, when coupled with power.”

“Seeing this.. Cultist, here, that much is evident, my Lord.” The beast observed, adding, “Ironic, that the very same artifact which initiated your challenge, will now initiate the challenge, between these two.. Unless, of course, we intervene.”

Lord Scar replied, “This Cultist is of a caste, renown in our world, power unrivaled.. Do not underestimate his power and knowledge of magic.”


The beast laughed, “Lord, the irony runs deeper still.. Even with a knowledge of magic, of any extent, even if the wielder discarded the artifact, this challenge would still mirror your own.. Know that this cultist is just as, or even more helpless in this challenge, than you were, in your own.”

Intrigued, Lord Scar asked. “Tell me of the artifact wielder.”

Speaking softly now, the beast said, “Lord, first, murmur these words.. We must halt the progression of events, for to speak of it’s wielder, we must first speak of.. It,” pausing, the beast said, “Sal’in Time.”

Lord Scar spoke “Sal’in Time” and immediately felt his very spirit, enter a familiar state, as even the wind itself around him, ceased and the fog, suddenly much thinner, visible now, the two opponents were clearly squaring off. “I know this power, this magic, it happened to me after I acquired the orb, in my world.. I was stuck.. here, until I found the blight.”

“Then powerful magic, you dabbled in, Lord.. Most who ever enter this state, are, as you say, stuck, forced to wander an eternity.. Rarely, is the power had, to leave,”

Lord Scar nodded, “Indeed.. So, instead of tricking me, the Blight took pity upon me..”

The beast laughed, “If pity was taken, that was no Blight, you challenged, Lord.”



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