I’m Broadcasting instead of Podcasting now.

I’m hosting a broadcast now for mobile games, instead of a podcast. I broadcast on WeGamers and my Studio #20551 … More

HIV Disclosure being rolled back.

https://jasonvanjason.wordpress.com/poetry/the-greedy-cunt-fund/ If an HIV positive person uses a condom, they no longer have to disclose the fact that they are … More

John Oliver Vs. Dustin Hoffman

      We have two different perspectives happening in this video; we have a defender and an attacker. John … More


I used to be a (bad) rapper.

In without question, the worst time of my life, in the throws of ┬ásevere addiction, anxiety and a will to … More

The Greedy Cunt Fund

https://jasonvanjason.wordpress.com/poetry/the-greedy-cunt-fund/ Share this page or the actual greedy cunt fund; it would be appreciated; thanks so much.


Restless at midnight, for today I accomplished nothing; unable to look back, unwilling to look forward… Instead, I force myself … More