This blog is not safe for work. Not safe for kids. Not even safe for me, most of all. Why? Because were on the internet and nothing on the internet is truly safe.. Yet here we are, bombarded by the sensitive snow flakes of the world, telling us what we can and cannot say, controlling what we can and cannot watch and inevitably trying to make a place with literally no safety, a safe space. This is the lunacy we are exposed to today; so is some random guy telling you to go fuck yourself, really that far out?

There is a link to my Amazon Author Central page where you can buy shit below, please check it out, but before you do, please consider what you are getting yourself into:

It’s not just a book your buying, but an experience; when you email me and ask for a refund and I tell you to go fuck yourself, (I just got a refund on my coffee) I’m not actually telling you that.. You have to understand that your not just buying literary art, but real life art and you fucking yourself is part of that real life art experience.

Offended? That’s part of it, as well; I could write a really emotional piece that would overwhelm you, but why stop there? Why let our…  Relationship, end there?

I’ve published mistakes and punctuation errors and you just can’t believe the audacity, that I would call myself a writer, call myself an author; that’s part of it, as well.

The experience doesn’t end when you read the final word, but rather, just begins.

That’s how much I care about my art, to never let it die; to let it continue to eat at you and fester within you, long after you’ve read whatever fuckin bullshit I’ve wrote.

I feel like the essence of this is summed up perfectly in a line from one of my upcoming works that speaks to the reader directly, saying “What kind of dumb fuck are you to buy something like this?”