I’m Broadcasting instead of Podcasting now.

I’m hosting a broadcast now for mobile games, instead of a podcast. I broadcast on WeGamers and my Studio #20551 … More


  Machines. We are more like machines than ever; until we realize it, then we sink back into our humanity … More

John Oliver Vs. Dustin Hoffman

      We have two different perspectives happening in this video; we have a defender and an attacker. John … More

without rubber

Premium Poetry -1- Free Chapter of Poetry

Copyright © 2017 by Jason Van Jason All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or … More



Impossibility is simply a confined imagination.. Free yourself from the chains, just don’t leave the rest of us behind.


The examination of our lives ultimately comes down to our choices we make, yet we quantify it’s composition into days, … More


Shut the fuck up. I’m not angry with you, but.. Just do it; Listen. Now.. Speak. Do you like being … More


I had two grandpa’s. Now I do not. Left behind, I wonder, where did they go and where did they … More


Where does the will to create come from? It comes from the understanding that time will destroy us; like an … More


When we change the way something looks, while retaining every single thing that it was formerly comprised of, we do … More